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Fragments of the Outpost
By Todd Cameron

A 12-part anthology that raises the curtains on the ill-fated winter of 1982 at Outpost #31. Interwoven throughout the story, Fragments of the Outpost looks behind the scenes, each short story filling in the blanks—threading the needle and tying together the scenarios, characters, and surprising six-day timeline, providing a chilling, thought-provoking, and engaging companion to the film. From Todd Cameron, author of Snowblind, this anthology will be available as a free PDF/Word downloadable file on Halloween!

Blair's Calculation of Infection Probability
By Steve Crawford

Fuchs' Holocaust
By Cpl Ferro

The Witch's Kitchen
By Cpl Ferro

What Does the Thing Want
By Cpl Ferro

Palmer and the Snake

By Cpl Ferro

Blair's Communion

By Cpl Ferro

Tetning: Thule Stasjon
By Wyatt James Roetcisoender

Schrodinger's Childs vs. Schrodinger's MacReady: Quantum Superposition in The Thing

By Michael H. Hanson 

The Lovecraftian Madness of Dr. Blair
By Michael H. Hanson 

Tainted Blood

By Bradley Stephenson