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MAPS (Click to open in a pop-up)

The following schematics of the Antarctic camps were made by Steve Crawford and Todd Cameron. The maps are created and labeled in detail pointing out where key events in the film take place. A great amount of work and care was taken to ensure the layout and locations shown in the movie are accurately portrayed. What is shown here is an accurate and working recreation of Outpost #31 as seen in the film. Huge thanks to Nick Venne for doing updates/edits to the maps for us. 

"When I started to explore the Norwegian story, fantasizing what could have happened there, I needed to know the exact layout of the base and I quickly landed at I was thrilled to discover all the maps of Outpost #31 and the Norwegian base. I printed them out, put them up in my office and studied them. I compared them with the 1982 film footage and realized that they were quite accurate. That is how it all started. Thanks to Steve Crawford." ~Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., Director of The Thing (2011).

Overall View of Outpost #31


The Main Building

Men's Living Quarters

The Basement Complex

The Dog Kennel

The Norwegian Camp

Regional Map of Outpost #31, the Norwegian Camp, and the Saucer crash site

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