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In 1976 Starstream published Who Goes There? as a comic in issue #1. 


In 1991 Dark Horse Comics released a 2-part sequel to the 1982 film, The Thing From Another World. It was followed up with a 4-part series; Climate of Fear, and a second 4-part series Eternal Vows.


In 1993 Dark Horse Comics released a new sequel 4-part series called Questionable Research in issues #13 - #16. 

In 2011 Dark Horse released an exclusive digital comic entitled The Northman Nightmare that was part of a promotional tie-in with the 2011 prequel film. 

Starstream 1976 - Who Goes There? comic


Cinefantastique Vol. #13 No 2 & 3 Special Double Issue


Of all the magazines covering the film this is the grand-daddy of them all and a must-have for collectors! In-depth coverage on the making of the film, interviews, Rob Bottin spotlight, special effects, 30th Anniversary cast reunion for The Thing From Another World (1951), & more! 

Here is a listing of some other great magazines with coverage on THE THING:


Fantastic Films #30 August ’82, Pictures and movie coverage

Fantastic Films #31 November ’82, Interview with Rob Bottin on make-up effects, and ’51 effects pics

Fangoria #18 on location with John Carpenter’s The Thing

Fangoria #19 interview with Producer David Foster, on location with The Thing

Fangoria #20 "Carpenter, The Thing, & Other Things." Interview with John Carpenter and David Foster

Fangoria #21 Rob Bottin and the Effects of The Thing

Fangoria's Bloody Best #2 Coverage on The Thing, interviews with Rob Bottin and John Carpenter

Starlog #58 First part to "Who Goes There?" by John W. Campbell, interview with Bill Lancaster

Starlog #59 Second part to "Who Goes There?", interview with Cinematographer Dean Cundey

Starlog #60 Conclusion to "Who Goes There?" July 1982, John Carpenter on directing The Thing,

Starlog #61 August ’82, Interview with producer Stuart Cohen


Creative Screenwriting Jan/Feb ’99 Interview with John Carpenter, ‘Things That Go Bump in the Night’, and ‘In Defense of John Carpenters The Thing’ essay

Fanzine: The John Carpenter File #6 Jan. ’89 The Thing In-Depth Profile - Part One

Fanzine: The John Carpenter File #7 April ’89 The Thing – Part Two

Fanzine: The John Carpenter File #8 July ’89 The Thing – Part Three 

Rue Morgue #72 Special Double Issue The Thing 25th Anniversary - October 2007

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