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A small sampling of some of the best stuff from over the years . . . 

Outpost #31 vanity plates! 

Keith David's (CHILDS) screen worn cast jacket - courtesy Von Babasin

Kurt Russell's screen worn hat - courtesy Jacqie Irwin

With Wilford Brimley (2017)

With Clark, Windows, and Bennings (2017) 

Half the cast re-united at Days of the Dead (2013) Photo: Scott Pensa

Incredible jack-o'-lanterns!!

Stunning flow-chart for the film by Ryan Flynn. This piece is so amazing we are working on having it available as a full size download.

Clarke M. Smith has in his possession the screen used prop claws that bust through the kennel roof during Dogtown! 


The absolute best R.J. MacReady cosplay we have ever seen! Woody Howton went all out at Dragon Con 2012! 

Watching THE THING at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica

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