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Sure you're a fan of THE THING, and you've seen it dozens, maybe even hundreds, of times! But can you pass our Trivia Quiz? (Answers below!!) 


1. What is the brand of whiskey MacReady drinks throughout the movie?

2. What is the name of the computer chess game Mac is playing? 

3. What is Windows doing when first seen in the film?

4. What is Mac's first line in the movie?

5. What did Mac say after he pours his drink in the chess game?

6. In which two separate scenes in the movie does John Carpenter appear? 

7. What is the Norwegian dog's name in real life? 

8. How many hours of Norwegian video footage do they have?

9. What classic game show are Childs and Palmer watching? 

10. What is the name of the two female contestants on the show? 

11. What does Nauls do at the outpost?

12. What song was playing in place of Stevie Wonder's 'Superstitious" on the original VHS release? 

13. How many legs does the Spider-Head sprout?

14. How many dogs are in the kennel not including the Norwegian dog? 

15. Did the Dog-Thing escape the kennel?

16. Where did they find the Norwegian-Thing?

17. Who found it?

18. Who first discovered the Dog-Thing? 

19. Who is Clark playing pool with before Clark puts the dog in the kennel?

20. Who was trapped in the radio room with Blair when he went berserk?

21. Who tried talking to Blair to calm him down?

22. How did the Norwegian helicopter explode?

23. How many shots did the Norwegian fire at the dog? 

24. Who was accidentally hit?

25. Who shot the Norwegian dead in his tracks?

26. Where did the Norwegian get shot?

27. Who discovered Fuchs' burnt body?

28. Who told Mac that he knew Bennings for over 10 years?

29. Who was caught as 'the thing' during the blood test?

30. Who was last in the blood test?

31. Who's finger did they cut first on camera?

32. Who's finger was cut next on camera?

33. Who was tested first?

34. Why was Blair locked in the tool shed?

35. What does the black and white poster of the woman in the rec room say? 

36. How did Clark die?

37. Was Clark human? 

38. When the two hands with claws came out of the Dog-Thing reaching for the ceiling, how many fingers did it have?

39. Who told Childs that Mac wanted the flamethrower?

40. What was Blair secretly building ?

41. What parts was he making it from?

42. How did Copper die?

43. How many times did Window's feet hit the light fixture when being swung around by the Palmer-Thing?

44. What did Mac do when he first heard the Dog - Thing?

45. How many years ago did the spaceship crash?

46. Who first discovered 'the thing' in the ice?

47. What does Palmer say when he sees the Norris spiderhead?

48. What did Palmer immediately start doing when they found out he was a 'thing' ?

49. Why did Nauls cut MacReady loose from the towline?

50. Who cuts down the door to the supply room with the axe?

51. Who has the keys to the supply room?

52. Who drops the keys in the supply room? 

53. How many grenades did the Norwegian throw?

54. Who does Mac get the Norwegians mixed up with?

55. How many hours would it take for the entire world population to be infected if the thing had reached a civilized area?

56. Probability that one or more group members may be infected ______ %.

57. _____ _____ and _____ were down in the generator room planting the explosives.

58. Who was first to go out of those three?

59. The second?

60. What is the name of the pinball game in the rec room? 

61. What is the name of the video game console in the rec room? 

62. What did Mac say to the Blair Monster?

63. What was the last and final line in the movie?

64. Who doesn't Palmer want to go around with?

65. What was the other Antarctic base Windows was trying to reach?

66. What was the name of the magazine Windows was reading when in the radio room?

67. Who was the first one to speak to Windows about contacting anyone?

68. Who was the second one?

69. Who found some shredded long johns with the name tag missing? 

70. Who found some torn clothes stuffed up in the furnace in Mac's Shack?

71. When everyone is standing around the blown up Norwegian helicopter, what does Mac say?

72. Who was constantly talking about Blair to Mac?

73. Who were the three suspects of contaminating the blood, according to Mac? 

74. Why did Mac and Nauls go up to MacReady's shack? 

75. How does Fuchs suggest everyone eat their food?

76. Who won the point in the ping pong game early in the film? 

77. Where can you see a case of Milk Duds in the film? 

78. Who wears a Walkman? 

79. Where does Fuchs' tell Mac he wants to meet him to talk privately? 

80. What is the home gaming console shown in the film? 

81. What beer brand is on the neon sign in the bar? 

82. Does the Norwegian chopper circle the camp clockwise or counterclockwise? 

83. Who is the only person in the film seen playing a guitar?

84. What biker gang name and logo are on the back of Palmer's jean vest?

85. Who are the final two survivors at the end? 

86. What is the connection actor John Cusack has to the film? 

87. What is the film's runtime? 
88. Who voiced the Chess Wizard computer game? 




1. J&B

2. Chess Wizard

3. Playing a guitar. 

4. "Poor baby you're starting to lose it, aren't ya?" 

5. "Cheating bitch." 

6. He is one of the Norwegians in the video tapes Mac and Copper find and he plays R.J. MacReady in the scene exiting the helicopter arriving at the saucer. 

7. Jed

8. 9 hours

9. Let's Make A Deal

10. Dawn and Anna

11. He is the cook. 

12. One Chain Don't Make No Prison by The Four Tops

13. 6

14. 6

15. No

16. Outside the Norwegian base. 

17. MacReady

18. Clark

19. Nauls

20. Windows

21. Childs

22. From the pilot's grenade.

23. 28

24. Bennings

25. Garry

26. In the eye.

27. Windows

28. Garry

29. Palmer

30. Garry

31. Nauls

32. Windows

33. Windows

34. Because he went berserk.

35. They aren't labelled chum. I have VD. 

36. MacReady shot him. 

37. Yes

38. 3

39. Bennings

40. A ship.

41. The helicopter

42. Arms were bitten off.

43. Twice. 

44. Hit the fire alarm. 

45. 100 000

46. The Norwegians

47. "You gotta be fuckin' kidding." 

48. Shaking

49. He thought he was a Thing. 

50. Childs

51. Garry

52. Windows

53. 1

54. Swedish (Swedes)

55. 27 000 hours

56. 75%

57. Mac, Nauls, and Garry

58. Garry

59. Nauls

60. Heat Wave

61. Asteroids

62. "Yeah, fuck you too!"

63. "Why don't we just wait here a little while, see what happens..." 

64. Windows

65. McMurdo

66. Photoplay

67. Garry

68. Blair

69. Windows

70. Nauls

71. "First goddamn week of winter." 

72. Fuchs

73. Copper, Garry, and Clark

74. Because the lights were on. 

75. Out of cans.

76. Blair

77. In the supply room. 

78. Palmer

79. In the Thiokol. (Actually a Bombardier Skidozer) 

80. Atari

81. Busch

82. Clockwise

83. Windows

84. Barbarians

85. MacReady and Childs

86. He acted alongside Jed the Norwegian sled dog in the movie 'The Journey of Natty Gann"

87. 1hr, 49min (109min) 

88. Adrienne Barbeau (John Carpenter's wife at the time) 

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