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Here we have assembled photos of behind-the-scenes shots of the film in production. A few of these photos are quite rare and exclusive to 

This gallery of on location behind-the-scenes photos was sent to us by Jacqie Irwin. Jacqie was on the filming location in Stewart and took these photos herself. We are grateful she has allowed us to share them here for fans to see. 

John Carpenter on the set of THE THING. Carpenter was 33 when he directed the film. 

John Carpenter and film makers on location in Stewart, British Columbia. Mr. Carpenter and friend joking around in the burned wreckage of the Norwegian helicopter. (This wreckage was located 21 years later in 2003 by Todd Cameron and Steve Crawford, and again by Peter Abbott in 2016. It is still there to this day...) 

Cinematographer Dean Cundey on set

Rehearsal scene


Building the Blair-Monster stop motion miniature set; Susan Turner, Randy Cook, Ernest D. Farino. Click on a photo to scroll through the complete gallery: 24 photos.  

Location Scouting and Set Construction

Scouting filming locations in Juneau, Alaska, Stewart, British Columbia and construction of the Outpost #31 set. Click on a photo to scroll through the complete gallery: 48 photos. 

Palmer Explosion Audio Outtake


The following dialogue is the text from an audio outtake clip recorded by production sound crew. It records the comments between Kurt Russell and the effects crew that set up the Palmer-Thing explosion.  It occurs after a particularly large blast goes off (when Mac tosses the TNT at the Palmer-Thing). The explosion turned out to be much stronger than Kurt (and the crew) had anticipated.  If you watch that scene closely, you'll see Kurt almost gets knocked off his feet.  This clip is quite hilarious, full of laughing and profanity. Unfortunately, we cannot post the audio clip on the site due to a strict copyright contract, however here is the text of the audio clip:

[An extremely loud BOOM!]

[The sound of many fire extinguishers and background people screaming and laughing.]

Kurt Russell: "Are you kidding me!?  Are you fucking with me!?  You're kidding me!"

Crewperson: "Are you alright!?"

Kurt: "Holy shit!  Yeah!"

Crewperson: "Are you alright!?"

Kurt: "You fucking asshole!  You gotta be kidding me!" (laughs)

Crewperson #2: "Are you alright!?"

Kurt: "Whoa!" (laughs)

Crewperson #2: "I didn’t expect anything like that!"

Kurt: "Holy fuck!  That shit blew by me sooooo fast man!  Boom!" (laughs)

Crewperson #3: "Holy shit!  A piece landed on my head!"

Crewperson: "Hey!  How was it over there for you?"

Kurt: "Cowafuckingbunga!" (laughs)

Crewperson #3: "Ha Ha!  Did you see that fucking piece burning on my head!?"

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