October 1980. Richard MacCarter is a hard drinking, down on his luck Vietnam vet working as a chopper pilot in the Florida Keys. Lured by money and adventure, MacCarter finds himself sliding fast into the wild and treacherous drug smuggling underworld. Inside a whirlwind freefall of risk and revenge—caught in a double cross pinned between the DEA and the powerful Medellín Cartel—a lethal game of cat and mouse ensues stretching from the sun-drenched Bahamas to the sleepy barrier islands of Florida’s Gulf Coast. An unexpected twist sends MacCarter north, seeking refuge in a snowy Canadian mining town where he meets a woman named Nicole . . . who inadvertently leads them into dark and deadly waters. A fatal turn of events has MacCarter headed for the coldest place on the planet, Antarctica.


"The idea for Snowblind simmered on a back burner for almost two decades. The story kept coming up again and again, with new ideas and possibilities. How does a man—a vet, a loner, a drinker, someone who hates the cold—end up doing a winter-over in Antarctica? 
     I realized there was definitely a much more in-depth tale to tell, and the story evolved into an original standalone novel. I had an absolute blast weaving this dark tale together. Researching, outlining, and writing the book was more fun (and also more work) than I could possibly have imagined. 
     I hope fellow aficionados and fans of the film enjoy reading Snowblind as much as I enjoyed writing the novel . . . and find all the homages, links, and connections that lie within." 

~Todd Cameron 

Snowblind is a 100% original novel, in the noir crime/thriller genre. The book publishes as a paperback on June 22, 2021 on Amazon and will ship internationally. Pre-orders are not available. A Kindle eBook and audiobook version will be available in the fall.