Coming in 2021! 


Snowblind, the upcoming R.J. MacReady backstory novel and the companion piece novella Fragments of the Outpost, a anthology collection of twelve short stories that seam The Thing together, opening the door and raising the curtain on the film's many celebrated mysteries. Target publication dates are June 2021 for Snowblind and October 2021 for Fragments of the Outpost. 



"The idea for a backstory on MacReady simmered on the back burner for almost two decades. It started with writing a timeline bio for the character when we launched back in 2001. The idea kept coming up again and again in thought and conversation with new ideas and possibilities. I realized there was definitely a much more in-depth tale to tell about this man, and the story evolved into a standalone original novel. I have been having a blast weaving MacReady's dark past together, by a fan, for the fans. I hope fellow fans will enjoy reading this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it, and you find all the homages, links, and connections that lie within." 


"The film raises far more questions than it answers, and fans have been discussing and debating them for close to four decades now. Whose shadow was on the wall? Who got to the blood? Was Blair taken over before or after he was locked in the tool shed? What happened to Fuchs? Were MacReady and Childs both human at the end? Fragments of the Outpost is a collection of a dozen short stories that answer each mystery in turn, providing possible 'fill-in-the-blank' scenarios to the many off screen events in the film. After taking part in endless conversations, debates, and discussions over the years, I don't expect every fan to agree with my connections and ideas, but I believe the novella paints an accurate and fun portrayal of the story. I hope fans enjoy these twelve tales that seam the film together."


~Todd Cameron, founder 

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