"The idea for Snowblind, a detailed backstory on R.J. MacReady, simmered on a burner for almost two decades, beginning with a timeline bio I wrote in 2001. MacReady's story kept coming up again and again, with new ideas and possibilities. How does MacReady—a vet, a loner, a drinker, someone who hates the cold—end up doing a winter-over in Antarctica? I realized there was definitely a much more in-depth tale to tell about this man, and the story evolved into a standalone original novel. I had an absolute blast weaving MacReady's dark past together, researching, outlining, and writing the book was more fun (and more work) than I could possibly have imagined. 


Fragments of the Outpost began as two short stories I wrote, also back in 2001, filling in what transpired behind a couple of scenes. While writing Snowblind, I got the idea to complete all the blanks in the film, with a collection of stories answering and solving the interconnected mysteries. The two books layered back and forth and conjoined into one timeline. The story of R.J. MacReady continues in the winter of 1982 in Antarctica, along with revealing backgrounds on all the men at Outpost #31. 


I hope fellow aficionados and fans of the film will enjoy Snowblind and Fragments of the Outpost as much as I have enjoyed writing them, and you find all the homages, links, and connections that lie within." 

~Todd Cameron


Questions answered in the anthology: 

-Whose shadow was on the wall?
-Whose long johns did Nauls find in the kitchen?
-Why didn’t MacReady and Norris go inside the spacecraft?
-Who picks up the dropped keys?
-Who sabotaged the blood?
-When/where/who was the camp’s second takeover?
-When/where and by whom was Blair taken over? 
-Where did MacReady hide his tape?
-Whose long johns did Windows find?
-Who left the lights on in MacReady’s shack?
-How was Fuchs killed?
-Who twice framed MacReady?
-What happened to Childs?
-What happened to Nauls?
-What is the fate of MacReady and Childs?

-In the final scene, how/why is MacReady's shack burning? 

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