June 25, 2021 - 39th Anniversary!

It's been almost 39 years since John Carpenter's THE THING opened in theaters on June 25th, 1982. The fan following, love, and passion for this film has been undying. Watch for us on the new Arrow Video Blu-ray release: “Outpost #31 – History & Impact of the Fans” and a new feature commentary by our founder Todd Cameron on the Turbine Media Blu-ray!

October 2021 will mark our 20th Anniversary online as the #1 site and resource for the film with a fandom community that grows daily. For all the latest news and announcements please follow our FB Page, Instagram, and Twitter: @outpost31dotcom


A devout fan for decades, Outpost31.com founder Todd Cameron with his original poster in 1985 at 11 years of age, and 35 years later in 2020. 


An original standalone novel from Outpost31.com founder and author Todd Cameron. Snowblind publishes June 22!  
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Info on the Artbook HERE.

Info on the MONDO board game HERE

Printed in Blood brings us their incredible THE THING: ARTBOOK! Mondo has created a new board game that looks stunning; THE THING: INFECTION AT OUTPOST 31!

Man is the Warmest Place to Hide.