MacReady's Shack
Scale Set Replica

40th Anniversary Tribute

"I just wanna get up to my shack and get drunk." ~R.J. MacReady 


In 2001 Todd Cameron first conceived a crazy and wild idea to reconstruct the entire Outpost #31 camp as a full scale interior/exterior replica set. This proved quickly to be a massive and costly undertaking also requiring a large amount of land. The idea was downscaled to constructing a scale set replica of MacReady's shack on the remote filming location in Stewart, British Columbia, Canada. This also proved logistically difficult and challenging for many reasons, the largest issue being the Ministry of Environment for B.C. would not let us leave the structure up there permanently, and would need to be removed when we departed. It was decided that a scale set of MacReady's Shack would be built in 2022 for the 40th Anniversary of the film in Florida where it could be maintained and accessed year round. 

The Build Team:

Todd Cameron (concept/project leader) 
Valerie Vitale (facilitator) 
Peter Abbott (foreman) 
Jason Foster (architect) 
Blair Claxton (set design) 
Rob Arnott (construction) 



MacReady's Shack is located in rural Southwest Florida near the town of Englewood on the private property of founder Todd Cameron. MacReady's Shack is available to visit by scheduling an individual appointment tour HERE. Note there are limited dates and times available. If you are traveling to Florida on vacation and would like to visit MacReady's Shack, please contact us well in advance of your trip to ensure a tour slot is available. For those that do the tour we please ask that you keep the address and details of the location private. 


There is no charge for a tour and the tour includes full access to go up inside the shack! (You've been warned!) Taking pictures and video are welcome, please be sure when posting or sharing photos of the shack to link/credit directly to our social media and website: (@outpost31dotcom) Signed copies of the books Snowblind and Fragments of the Outpost are also available as well. 

MacReady: “You go in and tell the others we found Fuchs.”
Nauls: “Where we going?”
MacReady: “Up to my shack.”
Nauls: “What the hell for?”
MacReady: “Because when I left yesterday I turned the light off.”

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