40th Anniversary Celebration! 

56°11'19.6"N   130°03'16.5"W

A tentative group trip to Stewart, British Columbia in Canada to visit the filming location and celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the film in the summer of 2022. The Outpost #31 site can be accessed as a starting point from the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and then either flying or driving north to the city of Terrace. From Terrace it is a 4 hour drive up to the town of Stewart which sits on the Alaska border across from Hyder. The site itself is another 45 min drive north of the border towns on Salmon Glacier Road at kilometer marker #38. (If you are planning to go solo we highly recommend you contact us first as the site is tricky to find and inaccessible from October through mid-June.) 

NOTE: This trip is not officially run or organized by There is no longer a trip roster or email list. Everyone is responsible for planning their own travel/accommodations/safety/liability, etc. The location is quite remote and located in the far north. If you have questions and would like to meet and interact with other fans who are going please join our active FB Group



























-Get yourself to Vancouver, B.C., Canada
-Airfare/transportation from Vancouver to Terrace, B.C. 
-Vehicle rental in Terrace for approx. 4 days**
-Approx. 4 nights accommodations in Stewart or Hyder 
-Return airfare/transportation from Terrace to Vancouver
-Get yourself from Vancouver back home
-Food/fuel, and all travel expenses, etc. for the duration of the trip

*Even if you are traveling from within Canada you will need a valid Passport to enter the US at Hyder, Alaska to get up to the filming location. The Outpost #31 site itself lies in B.C. on Canadian soil but it is only accessible by traveling through Alaska first. 

**Whitecap to Icecap Tours does van rides (return) from Terrace to Stewart. Contact: Gord McMillan
Email: Ph: 250.636.2469

Salmon Glacier to the southwest, seen from the Outpost #31 site.

Todd Cameron at Outpost #31. MacReady's shack would be directly behind him. 

Set construction photo - summer 1981. 

Same shot - summer 2003.

The only shot of Salmon Glacier in the film.

Steve & Todd - August 2003


Whitecap to Icecap Tours

A fantastic video by Patrick Rizza showing stills from the movie and filming location sets interspliced with present day images from Google Earth.