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John Carpenter's



THING-FEST ran for 8 straight years, from 2001 to 2008. Our final annual event was in  October 2008 in Toronto with actor Thomas (WINDOWS) Waites attending - see photos below! Although we are no longer holding an annual event/screening there are some cool plans brewing for the 30th Anniversary in 2012!



Video of the event by Rue-Morgue's Gore-met, including the full Q&A session with Thomas Waites!


Rue Morgue's Dave Alexander, actor Thomas (Windows) Waites, and Todd Cameron from Outpost #31 onstage at THING-FEST 2008.

Thomas Waites discussing the film and answering questions from the fans.


More Photos: http://moviemoxie.blogspot.com/2008/12/thing-fest-2008.html

More Videos: http://moviemoxie.blogspot.com/2008/12/thing-fest-2008-q-videos-with-thomas.html

THE THING on the big screen!!!!

Here are some photos taken of the film directly on the big screen at one of our THING-FEST events!

titlebigscreenTF3.jpg (49182 bytes) titlelogobigscreen.jpg (53356 bytes) janbolenbigscreenTF3.jpg (68855 bytes) copperbigscreenTF3.jpg (86990 bytes) jedbigscreenTF3.jpg (93891 bytes) blairbigscreenTF3.jpg (85197 bytes) palmerbigscreenTF3.jpg (76296 bytes) endtitlebigscreenTF3.jpg (64761 bytes)  

Photos from year's past:

THING-FEST 2002 July 13th
THING-FEST 2003 October 25th
THING-FEST 2004 August 7th


"John Carpenter's The Thing", and all images, characters, and situations from that movie are and 1982 Universal Studios. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is gained whatsoever from this website and/or the THING-FEST event. The print of "The Thing" is rented and licensed from Universal for an authorized non-theatrical public screening.

THING-FEST - Proudly Canadian



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