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John Carpenter's


We're at the very early stages of planning a return trip to Stewart, British Columbia, CANADA to the remote filming location of THE THING to celebrate the movie's 40th anniversary in 2022. This location can be accessed by flying into the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, from there catching a second flight north to the small city of Terrace. From there it is a 4 hour drive up to the town of Stewart which sits on the Alaska border across from Hyder. Fans can stay at the Sealaska Inn in Hyder, where many of the cast and crew including Carpenter and Russell spent the cold nights getting "Hyderized". The site itself "Outpost #31 Ground Zero" is only a 45 min. drive north of town up Salmon Glacier Road, which is the old Granduc mining road, now nothing more than a dirt trail carved into the mountainside. Here can be found the scattered and burned ruins of Outpost #31, including large existing remains of the Norwegian helicopter.

56 11'19.59" N   130 03'16.49" W

     We visited the site in the summer of 2003, 21 years after the filming, and found remains of the camp still there as well as wreckage of the Norwegian helicopter. The location is just incredible, high in the mountains of northern B.C. and the trip up there is an adventure in itself. The scenery and views are awe inspiring - towering mountain peaks, glaciers that go on for miles and miles, and thick forest. The filming location is just past the Salmon Glacier lookout which is known as Canada's Grand Canyon. Here the filmmakers constructed a mock Antarctic research station and the surrounding mountains and glaciers did a fantastic job of creating a perfect South Pole setting once winter's heavy snowfall set in.  The towns of Stewart and Hyder are small, remote, and isolated but are scenic and full of charm...the ultimate escape. In searching for THE THING's filming location we also found an incredible spot for an unbeatable northern vacation. This was a very memorable trip, one of my favorites, and I look forward to returning. I know I will be back more than once...


A great shot taken on the August 2003 trip showing the familiar mountain ranges seen behind the camp.

Finding the Norwegian chopper remains and standing at the site of Outpost #31...

Google Earth image showing Stewart, B.C. and Outpost #31 site

Google Earth image showing the Outpost site and Salmon Glacier


Proposed Dates: August 2017/2022 (35/40th Anniversary)



The main question regarding this trip is finances. How much is it going to cost? That depends where you are starting from, you may or may not have as far to go... Regardless this is what you WILL NEED:

-Airfare to Vancouver, B.C., Canada
-Airfare from Vancouver to Terrace, B.C. (Hawk Air)
-Vehicle rental in Terrace for 2-3 days (we plan to all go in together on 2-3 vehicles)
-2 nights accommodations at Sealaska Inn in Hyder, Alaska 
-Return airfare from Terrace to Vancouver
-Airfare from Vancouver back home
-Food, drink, misc. expenses, traveling cash, etc. for the duration of your trip

NOTE: If you are traveling from within Canada you will need a valid Passport to enter the UNITED STATES at Hyder, Alaska to get up to the filming location site. The Outpost #31 site itself lies in B.C. on Canadian soil but it is only accessible by traveling through Alaska first. 

Anyone is welcome in joining us on this adventure up to the remote and stunningly beautiful filming location of THE THING in northern British Columbia, Canada.


Salmon Glacier as it looked on June 7th, 2008. Much reduced in size from when we were there in 2003. Thanks to Will McCready for the photo.


Stewart Weather @ The Weather Network

Stewart, B.C.'s Official Website

Stewart and Hyder Info & Pics

Stewart/Hyder Tourism & Info

Stewart and Hyder photo album

Hawk Air - Vancouver to Terrace flights

Sealaska Inn Motel in Hyder which the cast/crew used as their nightly watering hole getting Hyderized!!

Stewart Museum: (250) 636-2568 stewart_museum@hotmail.com 

Stewart Guest House Accommodations in the town of Stewart.

"We found something in the ice..."

Stewart, B.C.


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