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John Carpenter's


Trip to Stewart, B.C. & Hyder, Alaska

August 5th-9th, 2003
Filming Location of THE THING

It with great sadness that in November 2008 Steve Crawford (SPC) passed away very unexpectedly in his sleep at the age of 38. He was the person who made it possible to find this remote filming site. I am deeply saddened he will not be returning to Stewart, as he had such an awesome time up there, and was looking forward to heading back up more than anyone. The following is his account of our trip in the summer of 2003....

“Universal Studios has announced they may produce a movie in Stewart entitled The Thing, which will be an up-to-date version of the original movie produced in the 1950’s.”
(The Sentinel, April 3, 1981, Volume 10, No. 11)

Stewart, British Columbia, nestled between mountains and glaciers

Come for the salmon, the bears, the glaciers, and...THE THING!

Most of the exterior shots for The Thing were filmed outside of the remote mining/logging towns of Stewart, British Columbia, and Hyder, Alaska.  Here the "real" Outpost #31, serving as a stand-in for a U.S. Antarctic research base, was constructed over the summer months of 1981.  Filming began on location in early December 1981 after the structure was blanketed with the first winter snowstorms. Shooting lasted 8 weeks with some footage also being shot up further north at the Juneau Icefield in Alaska.  Most of the interior scenes and all of the special effects scenes, except for one, were shot at Universal stages in Los Angeles.

Todd and SPC recently took a "pilgrimage" of sorts to Stewart and Hyder in order to see the filming location of The Thing.  This is our full-length, exclusive report of how fantastic the trip really was.  We include these pages not just for Thing fans in particular, but also for world travelers in general.  As we discovered, Stewart and Hyder are popular tourist destinations.  This is largely due to the spectacular view of Salmon Glacier located north of both the towns.  So if you're planning your own trip to northern British Columbia or, even better, are a Thing fan who wants to visit the site yourself, then let us give you plenty of tips and advice on how to save money and yet have a wonderfully exciting trip!

Winter up in Stewart
Average Snowfall: 30 feet (9 meters)


Flying Into Vancouver

The Drive From Terrace, B.C.

Reaching Stewart & Hyder

Driving Up the Old Mining Road

Finding Outpost #31 !!

Return to Stewart



Current Weather for Hyder, Alaska/Stewart, B.C.

Stewart, B.C.'s Official Website

Stewart and Hyder Info & Pics

Stewart, B.C. Tourism & Info

Stewart and Hyder photo album

Hawk Air - Vancouver to Northern B.C. flights

Sealaska Inn motel in Hyder which the cast/crew used as their nightly watering hole getting Hyderized!!

Stewart Museum: (250) 636-2568 stewart_museum@hotmail.com 

Stewart, B.C.


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