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John Carpenter's


(unless otherwise noted, all Outpost #31 screenshots come from the PC version of the game)

Added 6/30/02 back to top

Exclusive Outpost #31 demo screenshots.

Check out these shots from the PC demo of The Thing. Man, this looks sweet. Each image is 800x600.


















(unless otherwise noted, all Outpost #31 video comes from the PS2 version of the game)


Thing Game TV Commercial

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In case you haven't caught it on TV, you can download and watch it here. It's a big boy at 5.5, but fun to watch.

Thing Commercial

Please right-click and 'Save Target As'


More Video from Outpost #31

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Two more Outpost #31 videos.
One is a clip from a sub-station just to show you a littler of the scenery. The other, a quick clip to show you the fantastic detail on one of the boss Things.


mpg (2.7M)     RealVideo (293k)

First Boss
mpg (4.8M)     RealVideo (515k)

Exclusive Audio from Outpost #31

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Yes, you heard it right... you can hear a couple sniglets of audio from Capt Blake's in-game sound clips.

If you have RealPlayer, please listen to the RealMedia clips to save bandwidth. 
The quality is just as good.

Clip 1 wav format (112k) RealMedia format (13k)
Clip 2 wav format (72k) RealMedia format (9k)


Exclusive Video from Outpost #31

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That's right, Outpost #31's very own E3 (PS2version) demo video clips, check them out... more to come.
(All video is 320x240 res, Right-click and Save Target)


Game Intro
Intro sequence
mpg (5.4M)     RealVideo (691k)
Norge Base
Norwegian base.
mpg (5.1M)     RealVideo (492k)
NPC Menu 1
Supplying your NPCs
mpg (5.6M)     RealVideo (590k)
NPC Menu 2
Uhh, little help?
mpg (3.2M)     RealVideo (342k)
Trust demo
I'm a nice guy, really!
mpg (2.4M)     RealVideo (243k)

I, am not, an animal !
mpg (1.2M)     RealVideo (142k)

You ain't so... AHHHH!
mpg (2.46M)     RealVideo (265k)

Gamespot Trailer from E3

courtesy Gamespot
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E3 Trailer, 32Mb 
(local download temporarily suspended. Sorry, it was burning up a LOT of bandwidth)

Older Video

courtesy Computer Artworks
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Original Trailer
Thing video1
Thing video2
Thing video3


PC Game 1.2 Mouselook Patch

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Outpost #31

1.1 and 1.2 combo pack (6.7 Mb)
1.2 update only (3.6 Mb)

Black Label Games

1.1 and 1.2 combo pack
1.2 update only

PC Game 1.1 Patch

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You can get it here (copy and paste into address bar):

Or here:
PC 1.1 Update
     Please right-click and 'Save Target As'


Thing Game Walkthru

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Outpost #31 has published it's own walkthru for the game. Download it if you need it but be advised, it tells all so don't waste your $50 and the experience by using it too much.

Thing Game Walkthru   443k - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Please right-click and 'Save Target As'




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