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John Carpenter's


Technical Specifications
THE THING (1982)

35mm print of the film and a 90 sec. teaser trailer


Film Negative Format (mm/video inches) 35 mm
Cinematographic Process Panavision (anamorphic)
Printed Film Format 35 mm
70 mm (blow-up)
Aspect Ratio 2.35 : 1
Print Details 35mm, 6 reels, Panavision, scope presentation, aspect ratio 2.35:1, Technicolor, Dolby Stereo, Eastman, 109 mins, 9766 feet
MPAA Rating R (Restricted) 
Costs $15 million plus ads and prints
Screens 910 theaters
Box Office Grosses (USA)  Opening Weekend $3.107m 
Domestic Gross $13.782m
Release Date Friday, June 25th, 1982
Awards Nominated: Razzie Award for Worst Musical Score Ennio Morricone (???) 
Filming Locations Stewart, B.C., CANADA
Tongass National Forest, Juneau, Alaska, USA
Universal Studios, Universal City, CA, USA
Taglines Man is the Warmest Place to Hide. 
The Ultimate in Alien Terror.  (US)
Look closely at your neighbor. Trust no-one...they might be the Thing. (UK)
DVD Details
Collector's Edition Universal 
Color - 109 minutes
Released: 8 September 1998
Region 1 NTSC Letterboxed 2.35 : 1
Disc Details:
Master Format: Film Sides: 1 (SS-RSDL) Chapters: 45
Sound:  Dolby 5.1 Surround
Subtitles: English, Spanish
IMDb User Ratings & Votes 8.2/10  Top 250 #177  Oct. 28th, 2009 (68 087 votes)
Trailers A Theatrical Trailer  110 secs. (On DVD)
B Teaser Trailer  97 secs. 
C Teaser Trailer (Ice block)

THE THING on the platter and ready to roll at THING-FEST

TBS Television Edit Version Additions & Deletions

Just to let everyone know, Sid Sheinberg of Universal is the person responsible for this made for TV edit of The Thing. John Carpenter himself is quoted as saying he hopes this version is burned.... Some edits have downloadable files included so you can witness the wholesale slaughter of this fine film for yourself.

VO (Voice Over) Antarctica, Winter, 1982

- 2 new shots of Windows in the radio room.

VO- "Windows. Hates being a radio operator. Hates being here. Can’t wait to get back to the States."

VO- "MacReady. A top helicopter pilot. Worked for Hues aircraft as a test pilot until he got into a confrontation with top management, and resigned to take this assignment."

VO- "Childs. A mechanic who went from trade school to the airlines. None better."

- New shot of both Norwegian men getting out of chopper. Leads to continuity error in following scene.

- New shot of Bennings struggling with the dog.

- Shot of Norwegian trying to dig out the grenade from the snow cut.

-New music inserted when Garry shoots Norwegian.

VO- On top of new footage of Garry reloading his gun. "Garry. A 30 year army man who worked his way up through the ranks to become an officer. Likes the job as station manager."

- Scene with Bennings drinking Mac’s J&B cut.

VO- "Clark. In charge of the dogs. Doing a study on the effects of extreme cold weather on animal behavior… These men were commissioned by the United States National Science Institute to gather data on the physical and natural sciences on the continent of Antarctica."

Mac: "First galdarned week of winter."

VO- "Dr. Copper. Graduate of Harvard Medical School. Received training at Massachusetts General Hospital. A personal tragedy sent him on this adventure."

VO- "Bennings. Meteorologist. An old pro. Many papers published in his field."

VO- On top of an inserted shot from later in the film of Blair in the rec room when men return from saucer. "A pioneering microbiologist, whose research on DNA helped lay the foundation for genetic engineering. Many discoveries in the field of cellular growth."

Blair: "Windows, c’mon, c’mon!"

Windows: "I haven’t been able to reach a soul…"

VO- "Palmer. 2nd string chopper pilot. Crack mechanic who hopes to start up his own business as a mechanic at the completion of this assignment."

VO- "Norris. Geophysicist. Was a professor at Cal-Tech. Has an incipient heart condition.

-Scene with Garry checking dead Norwegian’s dog tags, Childs asking if he is starting to look Norwegian, Bwana. (On DVD cut scenes)

VO- "Nauls. Inventive cook. A product of Watts (suburb of Los Angeles). Interested in the Antarctic.

VO- "Fuchs. Assistant biologist who worked with Blair at the Rockefeller Foundation."

- Palmer flipping the bird to Nauls with his lighter cut.

- Scene with Mac and Copper finding bloody axe is cut.

- Norwegian victim slit wrist and throat scene cut.

- Mac: "The video cassette outta tell us something."

- Mac: "We can get this thing in the chopper."

- Inserted shot of chopper returning to the camp right before Bennings tells Nauls to turn music down.

- Entire scenes of Norwegian-Thing cut, all close-ups.

- Blair’s autopsy cut. Dialogue shortened.

- Palmer smoking joint with Childs cut.

- Dog-Thing cut by half, including claws breaking through ceiling and flesh-flower attacking Childs.

- Clark: "…weird and ticked off…"

- Blair: "I wanna see what the Hell that is."

- Stock shot of Blair stuck in, obviously not in dark, smoky kennel.

- Scene of Blair further describing the Thing. "That things not dead yet…" (on DVD cut scenes)

- New footage of Nauls checking out Dog-Thing with Childs.

- Scene "What size do you wear Clark?" inserted here, much too earlier in the movie to make sense and flow properly. (on DVD cut scenes)

- Childs: "…buy any of this voodoo bullstuff?"

- Childs: "How’s this monkeyfellow wake up…"

- Scene with Bennings and figure in kennel. (on DVD cut scenes)

- Longer starting shot of Blair on his computer. Blair reads text on the screen.

- Windows: "I wish they had left this thing at the Norwegians camp."

- Mac: "Isn’t that one of Blair’s notebooks?"

- Fuchs: "I still can’t forget that Blair is a great scientist."

- Windows: "Holy Smoke!"

- Bennings assimilation cut out.

- No siren sounds when Bennings found.

- Blair: "Whole world is in jeopardy!"

- Longer scene of Clark discovering dead dogs.

- Blair’s injection cut.

- Blood running out of fridge cut.

- Fuchs: "Something wants to keep us from making that blood test."

- Childs shown when he says his line: "So what? Is that supposed to clear him??"

- Clarks’ "Like Hell you will." dialogue o Childs cut.

- Coppers injection cut.

- Mac: "Keep trying to find that new blood test.’

- New shot of Mac’s shack when Fuchs goes outside.

- Windows: "Hey fry you Palmer!"

- Mac: "Cut the bull-"

- Inserted shot of guide line outdoors with ice.

- Longer cut of Mac and Nauls going up to the shack.

- Mac: "Someone set me up to go to my shack."

- Mac "You jackass."

- Norris sequence cut, jaws, Copper’s severed arms, Norris Creature. Entire Spider-Head sequence cut.

- New shot of Mac as men extinguish fire.

- New quick shot of Nauls and Childs.

- Clark’s bullet hole bull’s eye cut.

- Nauls blood sample cut.

- Windows blood sample cut.

- Childs "This is a crock of stuff."

- New dialogue inserted in Palmer sequence

- Palmer-Thing head splitting and tentacle around Windows’ neck cut.

- Shot of Mac still looking up at ceiling after Palmer-Thing has dropped down.

- New shot of Mac torching Palmer.

- Burning Palmer-Thing outside walk cut.

- 3 nighttime shots of camp inserted after Palmer-Thing blown up.

- Garry: "…tied to this stinkin’ couch!"

- Mac: ‘Blair got back inside..."

- Mac: "We let it inside the complex and make sure the rescue team can find it." (???)

- Entire sequence finding Blair’s saucer and blowing up tool shed cut.

- Camp blow-up sequence cut shorter. Mac’s dialogue. "The generator room." moved from cut scene and inserted as the men come into the basement.

- Garry: "The generator’s disappeared."

- New dialogue inserted as Blair attacks Garry: "The whole world’s in jeopardy. Nobody gets outta here-nobody!!"

- Shot of Blair added as Nauls walks down basement hall to where Garry disappeared.

- Droning music inserted here destroys silent suspense of scene where Mac asks, "I said how’s it-"

- Mac: "Yeah, blast you too!"

- After closing shot of burning camp cuts to daylight shot of mountains, burning smoke, a shot of the dog running taken from the beginning of the film.

VO Narration- "Who knows what has come from the galaxy? Who knows what lurks in the sky? Beyond God. Watch those around you. For who knows what today, tonight, or tomorrow will bring."

- Close-up on smoke pillars, then fades to closing title card John Carpenter’s The Thing.

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