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John Carpenter's


Outpost #31 Maps and Timeline


The following schematics of the Antarctic camps and accompanying timeline were made by SPC.  The maps are drawn and labeled in fantastic detail pointing out where key events in the film take place.  These maps were prepared after many thorough viewings of the film.  Great care was taken to make sure the locations shown in the movie are accurately laid out here in diagram form.  Still, a minimal amount of guesswork was needed in certain places and those who carefully watch the film will notice continuity errors at a few points on these diagrams.  This, however, were kept to a bare minimum so that what is shown here is an accurate recreation of Outpost #31 as seen in John Carpenter's The Thing.  (Click the thumbnails for full-size pictures.)

The chronological timeline recounts and organizes the events set during a period of days throughout the film. To view the timeline for the movie, click here

O31Overview.jpg (49830 bytes)
Overall View of Outpost #31 Grounds

MainBuilding.jpg (120931 bytes)
The Main Building

Quarters.jpg (83632 bytes)
Men's Living Quarters

The Basement Complex

Kennel.jpg (72879 bytes)
The Dog Kennel (aka Dogtown)

The Norwegian Research Camp

Regional Map showing Outpost #31,
Norwegian Camp, and Saucer Crash Site


The location of some rooms in the Main Building are debatable.  Here is an alternate version of the Main Building provided by M Sith, where these rooms are laid out in a different way.

sithcampoverview.jpg (106241 bytes)
Main Building Map by M Sith





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