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John Carpenter's



Magazines with in-depth coverage on "The Thing" and a review of Dark Horse Comic's The Thing From Another World series. Links will take you to a photo of the item in the Outpost #31 Collection & Archive. 



This issue is a must for Thing fans!


German article on The Thing.

Fantastic Films

Fantastic Films, #30 August ’82, Pictures and movie coverage

Fantastic Films, #31 November ’82, Interview with Rob Bottin on make-up effects, and ’51 effects pics


Fangoria #18, on location with John Carpenter’s The Thing

Fangoria #19, interview with Producer David Foster, on location with The Thing

Fangoria #20, "Carpenter, The Thing, & Other Things." Interview with John Carpenter and David Foster

Fangoria #21, Rob Bottin and the Effects of The Thing

Fangoria's Bloody Best #2, Coverage on The Thing, interviews with Rob Bottin and John Carpenter


Starlog #58, First part to "Who Goes There?" by John W. Campbell, interview with Bill Lancaster

Starlog #59, Second part to "Who Goes There?", interview with Cinematographer Dean Cundey

Starlog #60, Conclusion to "Who Goes There?" July 1982, John Carpenter on directing The Thing,

Starlog #61, August ’82, Interview with producer Stuart Cohen

Creative Screenwriting

Creative Screenwriting Jan/Feb ’99 Interview with John Carpenter, ‘Things That Go Bump in the Night’, and ‘In Defense of John Carpenters The Thing’ essay

Vol. #13 No 2 & 3 The Thing Special Double Issue, In-depth coverage on the making of the film, interviews, Rob Bottin, special effects, 30th Anniversary cast reunion for The Thing From Another World (1951). 

Fanzine: The John Carpenter Files

Fanzine: The John Carpenter File #6 Jan. ’89 The Thing In-Depth Profile

Fanzine: The John Carpenter File #7 April ’89 The Thing – Part Two

Fanzine: The John Carpenter File #8 July ’89 The Thing – Part Three

The Dark Horse Comics

Episode 1: The Thing From Another World (2 comics)

Episode 2: The Thing From Another World "Climate of Fear" (4 comics)

Episode 3: The Thing From Another World "Eternal Vows" (4 comics)

The Thing From Another World "Questionable Research" (See new scans below!)

Original painted cover art for a comic, this cover was never used/published.

    The most popular of this series is the 2 part follow-up direct sequel to the film, "The Thing From Another World". It is quite well done, the incredible artwork capturing the mood and atmosphere of Carpenter's film. John Carpenter himself has mentioned (both in print and at public appearances) that if he were to do a sequel he would base it on the Dark Horse comics. The comics do have a few major plot holes, however, with some polishing up it could be turned into a successful sequel. But, I probably speak for the majority of fans when I write this that a sequel is not something that is very anticipated. The Thing is a stand-alone masterpiece and a sequel churned out by Hollywood today would not and could not do this film justice. 

Comic Plot Holes/Continuity Errors/Goofs

-In the opening Prologue the comics state "...the organism is able to infect new victims by merely touching them." This is not possible based on how the alien is presented in Carpenter's film. 

-Childs is supposed to have carried MacReady to the pack ice on the coast where the Japanese whaling vessel Misaki Maru picks him up. Outpost #31 is located over 1000 miles from the nearest coastline, an impossible distance to travel on foot in optimum conditions, let alone the Antarctic. 

-MacReady tests himself to see if he is infected. MacReady (nor anyone else) would need to do this. If you are infected (and therefore dead) you aren't wondering whether you are infected....

-The Navy SEAL team member, Pybus, is rapidly taken over while amongst the company of men after just briefly touching a frozen Thing with a gloved hand. This is highly unlikely. Knowing what you know of the Thing from the film would you touch any part of it frozen or not?? Many disagree with this concept and there is no sure-fire right or wrong answer as this organism is fictional. 

-The story continues to have the alien organism spread in this manner. Both Commander Erskine and the injured SEAL member are somehow taken over, again in the direct presence of others, with no obvious signs. This is just not possible. 

The Thing From Another World: Questionable Research

Outpost #31 recently acquired scans from this comic. Here is a cover and first page, unfortunately due to copyright laws we cannot post the entire comic. A huge thanks to BF Scott for the scans. Click on the thumbs to view full-size.

qrcover.jpg (784434 bytes) qr1.jpg (376352 bytes)

Graphic Novel

Dark Horse Comics also released a Limited Edition Graphic Novel containing the first 2 set "Thing From Another World"  sequel and the 4 set Climate of Fear. Click the thumb below to view this unique novel. 

ComicNovel.jpg (112712 bytes)



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