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John Carpenter's



Outpost #31 has been online since October 2001 and for 12 straight years (2001 - 2013) we have been the original and best The Thing fan site on the internet.  We have offered fans the opportunity to view the film up on the big screen at our THING-FEST Weekends. While other THING sites have come and gone the Outpost has always been "The Ultimate THE THING Fan-Site".

Chris Morgan was instrumental in co-founding Outpost #31, designing the site’s theme and layout, and creating an in-depth section and coverage for the Video Game. Steve Crawford has also contributed greatly to many areas including the Stewart Trip, Maps and Timeline, FAQ’s, and Goofs sections. Very sadly Steve passed away in November 2008.

Outpost #31 was founded by Todd Cameron, who created most of the content on this site. Todd's new site, Swimming Fast For The Sharks, is dedicated to marine conservation. As for the current webmaster,  my name's Tony.   I go by the name XidiouX on our discussion forums and I'm always happy to help.  




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