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John Carpenter's



Photographs of Thing models of all kinds sent in by fans.


The THING by Tony Rosen.



Cyril Roquelaine has sent us more superb Norris sculpture pics.   He tells us that the sculpture was made in monster clay plasticine, moulded in silicone and cast in resin.  It is 120 cm high and it will be painted in real colour by a professional painter.  Only 8 copies will be made.



Mac82 created this splendid MacReady scene.

CyrilRoqelaine/1.jpg CyrilRoqelaine/2.jpg CyrilRoqelaine/3.jpg

Cyril Roquelaine, a French sculptor, sent us these fantastic photos of a Norris-Thing he is working on.  He tells us:

"I'm working on a figure from the thing design for some collector people, and I would like just to tell you about this project, may be you're interested to follow it, it will be at 1/2 scale, a big statue, full painted at the end."


Jacob/1.jpg Jacob/2.jpg

Jacob has created these Lego versions of MacReady and the Norris transformation scene.  Note the armless Dr. Copper on the floor.


Cat has sent us a Lego version of the 'Lightface-Thing' . I'm sure you'll be able to think of captions involving ice blocks!


FinnPette/1.jpg FinnPette/2.jpg FinnPette/3.jpg

FinnPette/4.jpg FinnPette/5.jpg FinnPette/6.jpg FinnPette/7.jpg

FinnPette/8.jpg FinnPette/9.jpg FinnPette/10.jpg FinnPette/11.jpg

FinnPette/12.jpg FinnPette/13.jpg FinnPette/14.jpg FinnPette/15.jpg

FinnPette/16.jpg FinnPette/17.jpg

Finn Pette has sent us these photos of his MacReady sculpture in construction and the finished, painted result. It took him 8 hours to create this using Fimo.

JasonGamble/PB051527.jpg JasonGamble/PB051536.jpg JasonGamble/PB051537.jpg JasonGamble/PB051538.jpg

Take one walnut tree, one chainsaw and voilà: the Blair-Monster! Thanks to Jason Gamble for sending us these pictures of his novel sculpture.

BriMcEnroe/dogthing1.jpg BriMcEnroe/dogthing2.jpg BriMcEnroe/dogthing3.jpg
BriMcEnroe/dogthing4.jpg BriMcEnroe/dogthing5.jpg BriMcEnroe/dogthing6.jpg
Brian McEnroe has sent us these photos of his sculpture of the Dog-Thing undergoing the beginnings of its transformation.


BriMcEnroe/2011-10-14 14.54.33.jpg BriMcEnroe/2011-10-14 15.52.05.jpg BriMcEnroe/2011-10-14 15.52.16.jpg BriMcEnroe/2011-10-14 15.52.30.jpg

BriMcEnroe/P9150223.jpg BriMcEnroe/P9150228.jpg BriMcEnroe/P9150229.jpg
Brian McEnroe has sent us photos of his Thing diorama  - very nicely done.  He tells us that he will be making more Things over the next few months, which we're very much looking forward to seeing.

DaveLewis/pumpkins_013.jpg DaveLewis/pumpkins_015.jpg DaveLewis/pumpkins_018.jpg DaveLewis/pumpkins_024.jpg DaveLewis/pumpkins_027.jpg
Dave Lewis produced this wonderful, highly-detailed sculpture of the Palmer-Thing.  This sculpture, which measures about seven inches high, was created in Super Sculpey Firm.  Dental tools were used to create the fine details.


Holger Heissig sent us these photographs of a diorama he has build depicting the pursuit of the Dog-Thing by the Norwegian helicopter.  He also sent us a charming little space oddity depicting, well, see for yourselves.


R. J. MacReady Custom Figure
Made by Toy Mangler for Kim (I Know I'm Human)


R.J. MacReady Diorama
By Al DeGregorio


Saucer in the Ice Diorama
By Joachim van den Heuvel


Spider-Head model
by Ian Frost

Pics sent in by Rayne00 of a full size model he acquired


Fan Made Blair-Monster Model
By Justin Cissell


By Danny Wagner

     Danny works for Industrial Light and Magic as a model maker, painter, and sculptor. Danny Wagner built this spectacular Blair Monster model complete with Dog-Thing.

Blairmodel/blairmodel.jpg (127261 bytes) Blairmodel/blairmodel1.jpg (141229 bytes) Blairmodel/blairmodeldog.jpg (62140 bytes) Blairmodel/blairmodelback.jpg (111820 bytes) Blairmodel/blairmodelclose.jpg (109073 bytes)

Fred Christensen's custom made Thing Figures. Way before MacFarlane Toys!




MacReady Action Figure
Dan custom made this cool MacReady figure!

Macfigure/macfigure.jpg (102260 bytes)


Blair Monster
By Casey Love


Norwegian-Thing 1:1 model painted with acrylics
By SFX artist Danny Wagner



Dog-Thing Model Kit
John Guenther has sculpted this 1:5 scale model of the Dog-Thing!!



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