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John Carpenter's



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MacReady & Childs Artworks
By David Anderson


THE THING Pictorial (11 MB)
By Steve Castillo


Dog-Thing acrylic artwork
By Holger


Poster Artworks
By Paul Lewis



Cultural Memory: The Thing
William Powhida
Watercolor and Graphite on paper
23 x 31"


Blood Smoke UK Poster artwork
By Davin Gutierrez



Hand-painted Mug

Fan Artwork
by Bryan Baugh


Comic Art
By Eisenkreis


Fan Art
by Michael Broom


Norris Sketch
Rob Massey drew this sketch of the Norris Creature


DVD Insert Booklet
Tim Palgut has made this incredible insert for the 2004 DVD. It is a large printable.pdf file, download it here: http://outpost31.com/media/ThingBooklet.pdf


JED Artwork
By James Wolf


THE THING Prequel Comic
By Dan Fowler



Artwork by Stephen Burger


THING Sketches
By Moneo, a 12 year-old girl from Lithuania



Norris Painting
Watercolor on art board 25" x 20"
By Tony Burlinson


Norris Head Sketch


Thing-Monster Drawing
Drawn by SPC Shawn Denny while stationed in Iraq at LSA Ananconda.


Norwegian Thing
Drawn by Devin Morse.


Concept Art/Storyboards for possible "Thing 2"
Drawn by MikeOakley.


Thing Blair Monster
Drawn by Ryan Vogler.


Thing Poster
by Johnny Hicks.


Ice Core Mutants
by iceCore writer Alexander Stania.


by Ryan Flynn.




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