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John Carpenter's



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The Thing icons

Icon Factory created this cool The Thing gif image. 

Butterman's Unofficial THE THING Soundtrack Re-Edit

Alex (Butterman) Wheill has created this unofficial re-edit of the film's soundtrack, including pieces from the film that were not included on the original soundtrack, as well as sound snippets of choice dialogue off the DVD.  Butterman has also paid homage to "The Thing" with his D.F.S. album cover for "Threat to the Human Race". See thumbnails below. 

Butterman/ButterCDcoverfront.jpg (24818 bytes)          Butterman/ButterCDcoverback.jpg (65819 bytes)       


Fan Art
By Erik Wilson



Master Card...it's all you need. 

Cobra Commander has submitted this hilarious "Thing" spin-off on the MasterCard advertisements. 

ThingPriceless.jpg (114416 bytes)


The Thing & The Simpson's Crossover

Steve Davis has created this hilarious version of The Thing run amok in Springfield, MacHomer and Homer-Thing. Click on the thumbnails to see pictures full size. 

Homer/HomerMac.jpg (351776 bytes)  Homer/Homerthing.jpg (366996 bytes)

The MacReady Chronicles

Courtesy of Stefan Brommelin. Click thumbs for full-size pics. 



MacReady Drawing


THE THING Desktop Wallpapers
Awesome desktop wallpapers!!!

Wallpapers/TTwallpaper.jpg (585921 bytes)    Wallpapers/op31dt1.jpg (120000 bytes)   Wallpapers/thingwallpaper.jpg (524954 bytes)




The Thing Guitar Amp
Wolle is such a big fan of the movie he modified his guitar amp in tribute!!

thingamp.jpg (117215 bytes)


The Thing Fan Posters
Justin Cawthorne made these awesome alternative posters and taglines.

JustinCawthorne/thingfanposter.jpg (171585 bytes)  JustinCawthorne/thing2posterteaser.jpg (71271 bytes)  JustinCawthorne/thing2postergz.jpg (106789 bytes)



The Thing Drawings

Thingdrawings/kennelart.jpg (84281 bytes)    Thingdrawings/walkerart.jpg (64552 bytes)    Thingdrawings/dogthingart.jpg (124708 bytes)


B&W Sketch
by Erik Wilson (eek)

ErikWilson/eeksketch.jpg (76218 bytes)       



Fangoria spoofs The Thing

fangthingspoof.jpg (21284 bytes)


Kevin Karstens drew this The Thing cartoon

THINGToon.jpg (342677 bytes)


Cpl Ferro's Artwork
Cpl Ferro has submitted this eerie sketch of a possible assimilation scenario in progress...



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