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John Carpenter's

The Preface to Earth 2.0






          You were human once. Yes, you can faintly remember that fact: you were human before the fallout. Your name, it was…
          “[Your name] get your ass out here! Let’s fuckin’ GO!” your sister yelled, standing by her car. You were supposed to leave early that day. Your sister needed to work in the library on a project of some sort. You had been waiting to go for the past ten minutes, but your sister didn’t seem to notice. Besides, she liked yelling. In the car, loud Offspring music blared.
          The morning was academic and crisp, reminding one of something white and pure…purged. Like a blank sheet of computer paper, or an institutional ceiling, intimidating in its sterility. This is how you should remember it, but there are syringes hidden somewhere in all that masking smooth plastic…well, let’s not complicate things. Right now, it is quite simple, hopefully.
          Once arrived at the school you walked dutifully to the library, as there was nowhere else to go save the cafeteria, but the noise there was boisterous and repugnant. On the wall of the landing a large poster was hung, blocking the view out of the window behind it. Perceiving such a break in routine, you paused to read it. The white, blank poster fluttered a little with the currents of air circulation in the building and for a moment you caught a glimpse of something all plate glass and metal beams. Intrigued, but not overly concerned, you held a small portion of the poster aside. Behind the window, on the lawns and concrete outside were constructed large glass cubes elevated five feet or so above ground by metal struts. Air-lock doors were set in the top of the cubes.
          “Bio-containment facilities”:, whispered a new voice in your head as you looked at them. These words that popped into your mind would never leave.
          A few scattered guards in Chemturion bio-safety suits surveyed the stability of the cubes, smiling and laughing to one another in eager, sadistic voices. As you were about to learn, something was very off about the class schedule today. Obviously you had potential, because someone from Earth 2.0 decided to convey to you the knowledge needed to escape. You were told the plan of the genocide.
          The principal had gone insane and decided to kill off all the students not on the honor roll, keeping the rest in inhuman captivity.
          You wanted to see it for yourself; you were still a foolish human, after all. So you made your way to the principal’s office, intent on reasoning with this man, a Mr. Lopez. This Lopez was sitting in the chair at his desk, glasses off and propped on his hand which was garbed in a white sock. A sock, he kept repeating gleefully to himself, which used to belong to his uncle. So, you naively tried to take a stand on behalf of the students, and asked Mr. Lopez not to kill them all. This only served to remind him to call all the students to the “special assembly” outside. Way to go. The plan was set into motion, you were held captive in the principal’s office, and the entire student body walked in ignorance to their tortured doom.

          It was uncomfortably warm and stuffy in the principal’s office, where you had been tied up and stapled to the wall…but at that moment you finally saw the being that had been transmitting information of the slaughter to you. Unexpectedly the covering of the vent in the wall behind the desk shattered outwards in a spray of broken metal and random wires. The room darkened like it was becoming obsolete, and a strange—no—cybernetic being flashed for just a second in the entrance of the vent, like someone flicking a light switch on and off. You had a few seconds to think “What was that?”, and then the ropes and staples fell to the floor, glowing bright green and dissolving into a slime that sunk into the carpet.
          This is the pivotal moment. It’s time for you to display your potential, human.

Go here if you choose to remain in Mr. Lopez’s office.
Go here if you choose to crawl through the vent.



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