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John Carpenter's


Civilized Area: The Blair Chronicles

by Sauron                                        


Chapter 1

"Rearghhhh," Pain. Unimaginable pain. He never in all his existence, with the exception of waking up from the freeze, felt this much pain. The second thing he noticed was the fire. Fire? The camp was in flames. To make things worse he was about seven inches away from the closet fire. He mustered what strength he had. "Urgh," He moved, or tried to. It was more of a wriggling. He "wriggled" about five human feet, and lost the remainder of his strength.

Only now was he thinking clearly. The mission had gone haywire. My chances of going cold are gone, at least for now. He realized he needed to take a new shape, and eliminate the threat of MacReady and Childs. After rejuvenating, he took the form of the other human "survivor", Garry. Now, to find them.

He noticed the fire was dying down already, except in the place where MacReadyís shack was. He guessed this was where the survivors were resting. He cut across the camp to the guessed location. Half surprising himself, he saw two huddled bodies on a block of unburned wood. He approached them cautiously

"Hello, yo Childs, MacReady itís me Garry. Donít worry Iím not one of those things, at least I donít think so." "Really? And how are we supposed to know that?" replied Childs, shifting the flamethrower towards him. After a while Garry shrugged, smiled and said, " I guess you donít. Just my promise." This time MacReady spoke "Sorry Garry, when were dealing with this thing, no oneís word counts, Torch Ďem Childs!"

Garry, luckily had his hands changed into Salaski claws behind his back (stupid of them, he thought, not asking him to show them his hands) and smashed them into Childs with relative ease. He then looked into "MacReadyís terrified eyes and said "Sorry Mac, no offense. Just business!" He slit his throat with dangerous power. Garry almost felt a twitch of remorse. Almost. He reminded himself it was all, crucial to the mission. He sat down near the corpses and absorbed them. Glancing around the ruins of Outpost #31, he noticed the fires were gone, all except the one the survivors were huddled around. It would be freezing temperatures soon, very soon. Perhaps the mission COULD be a salvaged. Then, an unexpected twist came upon his plans, something that would make painful freezing unnecessary. There was a drone in the background. The drone, Blair recognized was a human vehicle known as a "plane".


Chapter 2

Garry was both ecstatic, and suspicious. The rescue team responded faster than expected, making freezing unnecessary. However he wondered if somehow the radioman got through to someone on the radio and told them of their situation. This was of course, highly unlikely. He decided to switch back to Blair, as he was friendlier then Garry, so is less thought to be a "Thing" as the humans call it.

The plane was over the camp, again, sooner than expected. Blair was ready once the Plane landed. He counted fifteen men, all armed, streaming out of the back of the plane. A man wearing and officer's cap approached Blair while the other secured the perimeter around the plane in military fashion.

"ĎEvening! Mind telling us what in Godís name happened here? The nameís Miller. Lt. Miller." Said the officer. "Hello there! Iím Blair. What you mean this?" He smiled "Oh there was a gas leak. Someone left gas in the flare stores like an idiot. Blew up the storeroom, which was enough to set off the generator, then the rest of the camp in a chain reaction. Everything is gone, thereís no sense in looking, but go ahead if you want to."

"Thank you Blair, but that ainít necessary. As for you Iím surprised you havenít frozen already. But that will be the docsí job back at base to figure out why. You should get on the plane now, and weíll get you out of here. There are beds towards the right side of the second passenger hold, on the right as you walk in from the main ramp. If youíre the sole survivor thereís no use for us to stick around here." Iíll call for the detective folks for further investigation," babbled Miller.

"I thought youíd never ask sir, thank you," said Blair and jogged into the plane at a fast pace. He entered up the ramp. Upon exploring the plane, he found the beds and lay down. The rescue force, he observed were always patrolling in pairs. There was no way Blair could get one alone long enough to inject them with DNA. He had to wait, but their day would come. Their day would all come, and a devilish smile spread like fire upon his face.


Chapter 3

It was almost as cold in the plane as it was outside. Apparently the military didnít believe in air conditioning. He got up out of his bed, and went to where the rescue team sat. "H-hello there, I-I-I was w-wondering when weíll be getting back t-toÖ err wherever youíre taking me," He sat down, and the soldier closest to him responded "Well, were going to land in the air-force base in Florida the errÖ forget the name but its warm enough for you!"

"Ah! W-warmth! Itíll be great to g-get out of t-this froze-over hell!" Cried Blair. "Yeah, yeah we feel you pain! You better get all of the rest you can, weíll be there in about 24 hours with one stop in Sabral, Brazil.

"Whatever you say bossman" said Blair. He got up and went back to his bunk. His thoughts were on the mission. He half didnít expect he would make it this far. What steps should he take here? After he gets to Florida, what should he do? Seek out the nearest infesting possibility no doubt, but how. Then it hit him like a Class 2 Fighter on a crash course to an asteroid.

This human had been to places named "Theme parks". These themes parks had large quantities human visitors known as tourists. He could infect the staff of the "theme parks" which in turn could infect the tourists, and then use their vehicles to get over long distances and infect other people. His smile spread again over his faceÖ and a laugh escaped from his chapped lips. ThenÖ he could move into phase 2Ö


Throughout the galaxy, many powers ruled. The biggest of these was the Enclave of Races. The Enclave is made of a group of races united under religious belief. Each raceís leader has a seat on the Council, which is the government of the Enclave. The Enclave is based on religious martyr fanaticism. The Enclave owns half the galaxy. Their goal is to unite the universe under their rule. Each planet not under the rule of the Enclave is known as "Heathen Planets". If there are beings indigenous to a Heathen Planet, they are given one chance to join the Enclave of races, if they are declined they are "terminated" in a holocaust fashion, their planet taken over. Unfortunately when the UFO crashed on Earth, and the occupants were taken to area 51. The Enclave believed that the messengers were KIA. You can therefore understand partially what is happening on earth.

There is one and only one species, the Enclave allow separate from their brotherhood. They are shadowy creatures, known by none, and if they donít know it, they have the power to overthrow the Enclave itself. They are known throughout the galaxy as Them. They are shape-shifters, with the power to turn into anything in the galaxy. The Enclave hire them to "exterminate" the population of the Heathen Planets for them. The Enclave then control of the planet and They are then paid most handsomely, and there are now billions more of Them.

Now that we are back on Earth I will talk of Them as the humans know them as, the Things. When the Thingís ship landed, all it had to do was wait for someone to find it, and the rest is history.


Chapter 4

Knock-knock. "Almost there, Blair! 10 minutes, get ready for landing," Great, Blair thought, weíre ahead of schedule. This human is not accustomed to flying an "airplane". He decided to watch the pilot, could be handy later.

He walked over to the cockpit. "Hi, mind if I watch for a bit?" "Go ahead, I could use some company" Replied the Pilot. "Pssst this is Jackson airbase, Florida. I here itís a nice change for that Antarctic weather. By the way, tell that Blair guy heís in for a heroís welcome. Stuffís been all over the news lately," "Ok, Ok cut the chatter and tell me where to land," "err roger, you are cleared for entry on a flight plan C, landing strip 44A. "Thanks, ETA 5 minutes"

"Wow, heroís welcome eh?" said Blair with an ecstatic look on his face. "Thatís what the guy said, now if youíll be quiet I have to land a plane now." Growled the pilot. "Oh, sorry" Blair apologized, "Probably a good time to sit down huh?" The Pilot nodded so Blair went into the other room.

"Hey Blair!" said a soldier "Soon youíll be basking on Miami Beach, no more snow huh?" "Yeah thatís right kid Iím counting the seconds!" Blair replied. "Siddown Blair, were starting our descent," said Miller. "Perfect," Said Blair "Perfect".


Chapter 5

Blair sat down in his cushy motel armchair. He was in a private and out of the way motel. "Phew," he yawned. Phew would be the best day to describe it. As soon as he got out of the rinky-dink plane the reporters swarmed him. After answering a few questions without compromising his identity he headed to his motel in the provided car.

It sounds funny, but he fell asleep for a while. When he woke up it was the maid shaking him. "Excuse me sir, sir? You need to get up now, thereís a car outside for you," "Oh thatís right," he said with that same smile again "That must be the limo-guys. Iíll be hitting every park this state has!" The maid never new how close this statement was to the truth.

After he jumped into the limo he told the driver to go to all the major theme parks. One infected Staff member each theme park would be enough. His plan was to lure them into one of those STAFF ONLY broom closets and infect them. All the plans went according to plan except for the one in Sea World. There was a short battle in the bathroom when Blair told him he had to come; he was no doubt mentally ill. Luckily Blair was able to cover, and he position the body so that it had slipped on the freshly mopped floors, an assimilated the only onlooker.

He maintained Radio contact with all his contacts. In one hour they managed to infect 32 individuals. Absorption on humans was absolutely not tolerated; as we have no idea which humans have "families" and which donít (After the sea world fiasco we couldnít afford anymore "incidents").

He predicted that he would have complete control of the Earth in 5 months, at the rate he was going, the entire U.S. within 1. But Blair was working on a deadline. When his parent thing left Shakurien on its ship, he had a deadline of 145,000 years (The Enclave sets a very loose deadline for the Things to finish infestation of Heathen Planets. It is nearly impossible to extend infestation of a planet for 145,000 years, which give the Enclave of Races a false sense of control and order over the Things. No more that a measure of self-security, (ironically it is the Things that hold virtual control on the Enclave). He now had 34 days.

While Things are not usually known for their truthfulness, (he himself would insure he was paid for his services anyway), Blairís parent thing was always known as a dedicated business Thing and honor-bound, never missing a deadline. So Blair-Thing was intent on keeping his title well polished.

It is very possible that Blair will have to resort to Open War to meet the deadline and preserve the Parent-Things honor. This is not a simple task, but has been done before. It is a Thing agents worse nightmare as they more adapted for silent intrusion. Blair almost cursed his Fatherís good name.

It was a very delicate matter, many Thing lives could be lost and victory was not assured. Most Heathen-Planets do not have this type of technology. It would perhaps be possible if Blairís forces could take a stronghold somewhere, anywhere. Being already in Florida his "focal point" should be none other then the U.S. He was in the midst of forming a plan when BAM-BAM-BAM CRASH!

Someone emerged from the smoke of the motel room door, a human male with a gun. He screamed "All right cock-assed freak alien son-of-a-bitch get on the floor now!" Blair plastered a surprised look on his face, decided to play along, and dropped to the floor.

"That was hardly necessary Johnson," a strangely familiar voice said, "Assuming we have no idea that heís one of them yet," It was none other than Commander Miller.

"Oh, hey Miller! Come in make yourself comfortable, oh and while youíre here you can also explain what the hell is going on here," "Where do I start. 5 hours ago we got our detective teams back. They had some interesting stuff to show us. 1 was a tape, 2 tapes actually. Both were made by a certain MacReady one of your buddies back at the camp. One told us about some type of alien creature that can turn into anything it wants, and another telling a short account of what was happening at that base. At first we thought those men went crazy. We also found Your notes on the creature in one of the less damaged buildings. But then, the higher-ups wanted to check it out with a Bio-team anyway. We found very tiny cellular animals. They fit the characteristics perfectly. There were millions of alien cells all around the perimeter of the camp. Now if it were up to me Iíd kill you right now. But unfortunately we found notes on how to test if you were an alien. If you donít mind weíd like to draw some of your blood. Stick out your hand pleaseÖ."

"Only happy to oblige Lieutenant," Blair stuck out his handsÖ or what was left of themÖ What came out were to very large tentacles and wrapped them around Millerís Thin neck. Blood sprayed everywhere. The Army Grunt Johnson opened fire. Machine guns rattled the room as troops Went through the doorway. Tentacles entered out of almost every opening in Blairís body. Many of the men died as the entered the room. Blair was busy mutating legs, a second head and double mandibles for it. The first head disappeared just as a claw came out where it was. He smashed through the walls assimilating people as he walked. The minute he got into the Parking lot he was greeted by 2 Jeeps with Vulcan Cannons mounted on them. Also The Armyís new experimental anti infantry flaming tank. The pain was truly excruciating. He was torn to many pieces and burnt, so that only 1/3 or his cells survived. But that was enough. He grouped them together into a formless mush and managed to hide in a bush. He grew some human eyes and watched what happened.

It turned out that 35 of 54 soldiers that entered the now burning motel, never came out. One of the soldiers said "Come on, weíre shipping out. Theyíre gunna bio-bomb all within 10 miles of this place. Lets get the bodies on the trucks and get outta here". Blair saw his chance. He as an organic mass headed for a truck.

Chapter 6

Blair made it to the truck without anyone noticing. 2 soldiers walked over to the truck, and Blair managed to catch what he was saying. "Sir, how do we know if any of these bodies areÖ. ErrÖ infected or something. His superior responded by grabbing one of the corpseís burnt head of hair and retorting "Is this moving?" "No sir," "Then its dead. Get the stiffs to the base and burn Ďem. Understood?" "Yes Sir".

The Soldier went into the driverís seat of the truck. The Superior went back and began ordering more soldiers around. The Truck started, and began to pull away. Slowly but surely, the lights of the burning motel disappeared. He decided to make his move. He formed a human hand and knocked on the cab of the tented Army truck.

"Hello? Hello? Where am IÖ I was knocked out but Iím alive! Stop the truck! Iím alive back here!" Surely enough the truck stopped. Blair heard the Door open and a confused voice say "Hello? There anyone back there?" Blair shouted "Yeah! Yeah! Iím alive get me out of this pile of bodies itís making me sick" Fast footsteps were heard and the Soldiers body was shown through the back of the truck. "Hold on Iíll ughh get you out"

The poor Corporal didnít know what happened to him. A large Reptilian Claw grabbed him from the pile of bodies and pulled him in. Screams could be heard for half a mile, but no cars people were on the road to here them.



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