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John Carpenter's


Biomask Zero

by Fred Barrett

Lin caressed the vial of Epiline syrup, watched the sunlight play squeamish patterns in the thick fluid, as if it were alive. He knew it couldn't be, for Dr. Glik hadn't sent the final burst of vishi rays through the sample. He placed the vial into the compartment with the six others and slid the upper panel closed. Touching his wristband, he spoke into his receptor tooth.

"Rail," he whispered. "Where's Maltaband?"

On the surface of his tympanic membrane, a spider ruffled its legs and in a tinny voice responded, "On her way to see you."

"Any sign of our pursuers?"

"Nothing on short range or deep scans."

"When will we reach the outer edge of the system?"

"Forty clicks, Sir. Not too long now."

If we can get these Epiline warriors together before they catch us, we just might have a fighting chance...


Chapter 1
Chapter 2



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